Template Engines – EJS and Node.js

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Video transcript:

Love & Peace! What’s up y’all it’s Danielle, we’re talking about tech, coding, coding tutorials, vlogging, blogging, and self-development books so make sure you Subscribe and Like. And today’s topic is… Template Engines. So I’ve been working with template engines on the backend with Node.js and JavaScript of course. And I’ve come to find I’m seeing a lot of similarities between this and PHP. I was working with PHP earlier this year, and making dynamic web apps using things like header files, and footer files and things like that. Seeing how it all comes together with minimal repeated code, which is obviously infinitely easier to maintain. So now I’m seeing similarities between that and template engines on the backend with JavaScript and Node.js. And you know, now that I think about it they’re both server-side languages. PHP being a server-side language, and JavaScript with Node.js, it has those server-side capabilities. So I’m definitely making the connections and seeing the similarities between the two. So with JavaScript basically doing those same things, plus with JavaScript it’s able to do it with basically good old, client-side, vanilla JavaScript. So that’s awesome, and that’s it for now. So again Subscribe, Like, you know get more tech, programming tutorials, vlogs, blogs, self-development books and that’s it for now. Talk to you later, love and peace.

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