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Models of the World


I’m reading the book JavaScript and JQuery by Jon Duckett, and it has given me a new perspective on programs and how they interact with data. In this vlog I expound on that.

Video transcript:

Hey! So I wanted to make a video about this book I’m looking at called JavaScript and JQuery. It’s kind of made a shift in the way I look at programming and how programs interact with computers. I had made some things, I’ve made some objects, functions, put some data in there, and the programs done some things but, the way that it explains it in this book, I think it would be beneficial to everybody. So first of all this is the book I’m looking at, JavaScript and JQuery. So firstly it says computers create models of the world using data. And I like this because it makes you think of programs as a representation of the world as opposed to, you know, a bunch of lines of code lol… And here it shows you a hotel and some cars and it goes on to say, you can think of objects as the hotel, the people, the cars. And when you look at events, this is when we interact with those objects and cause something to happen. Like it says here an event at the hotel would be a reservation being made, or a reservation being cancelled. With the car, if the driver brakes it slows down, accelerate, it speeds up. And it goes on to say with methods, these in a way are the things that we DO with the objects in the world. Like it had a method here for, there’s a method make booking for… increases the value of make bookings property. Cancel booking decreases value of bookings property. With the cars it said there’s a method change speed where it increases or decreases the value of current speed property. So I just thought it was a really interesting way to look at programs as not just lines of code that are making a computer or an application do something. But it’s like, a representation of the world, and the things or the objects IN the world and how we interact with them.


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Raven Baxter from the TV show That's So Raven showing appreciation

Oh Snap! I’m Solving Algorithms.

About 6 months ago I first took a look at some algorithms, and these puzzles reminded me of the math questions I saw on the S.A.T. years back. I was able to solve many of those S.A.T. questions, but this… this was a new beast. Looking at algorithms I felt like I was trying to solve the riddle of the Sphinx. Oh and not to mention Big O what? Data Structures who?

Now by no means am I solving the most difficult algorithms. Actually they’re the simplest of the simple. But I’m solving algorithms that I’ve never seen before, on the first try. This goes to reiterate the the idea of my last post that repetition is the key.

Constant practice on programming logic helped to me to have some understanding of how solutions need to be structured to many of these problems. And the funny thing is I wasn’t specifically focused on solving algorithms. I was focused on understanding the logic and building simple, little apps. Goes to show that building things has a way of covering everything else.

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