React.js! Let’s Talk About It…

I first got familiar with the concepts of React.js about 5 months ago. I loved the idea of Single Page Apps and how reactive (pun totally intended) the page elements and application were to the user, without reloading the page. And to have a better understanding of React, I set aside some time to work with the DOM (Document Object Model) more, as well as JavaScript. And on top of that I worked on Data Structures, and vanilla JavaScript in the DOM  and boom. It’s like my understanding of DOM manipulation was “clicking” way more just by working with the DOM on a more complex level with React.

Plus having worked to really understand the concepts of using React, it seemed to make DOM manipulation much simpler than before when just working with the DOM without React.js. And at the same time, with a much better understanding of the DOM, my understanding of React has increased. I React.js and especially now that Facebook has changed it AND React Native to the MIT License, I’m really looking forward to creating amazing things with React 🙂

Love & Peace,