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Social Network Profile

It was great experimenting with the Box Model, Box Sizing, Positioning, Overflow, and the way that

all the In Flow and Out of Flow elements interact. I also tried out the experimental Display: Flow-Root as an

alternative to Overflow: Auto, but opted to go with the latter as it is more browser compatible.

Skills: PSD to HTML, CSS3, HTML5





React.js Real Estate Application




React.js Real Estate Application

Had a lot of fun with this mock application learning a ton of new concepts necessary for

React.js applications like Import and Export Statements, State, Function Constructor/Class-based Components,

NPM build debugging, and also learned to deploy the React app to Heroku.

Skills: React.js, Sass, Data Filtering, ES6, JSX, NPM, the Command Line, Heroku, Git, PSD to HTML, Debugging





Image of Budget App















Budget App

A fully-functional Web App to help you keep track of your income, expenses,

and the status of your budget. I had a great time with this challenge, upgrading my skills. Namely with

the MVC module structure with encapsulated private data and exposed public data,

as well as with the first-class functions.

Concepts: Model-View-Controller Module Application Architecture, Closures, Functional Programming,

Prototypal Inheritance, Function Constructors, Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions (IIFE’s),

Object-Oriented Programming, bind(), call(), apply(), First-Class Functions.

Skills: JavaScript





Image of Game of Pig app




Game of Pig

This project was great for upgrading my understanding of JavaScript.

And of course it’s fun to play the game.

Skills: Execution Contexts, Hoisting, the Scope Chain, the Keyword ‘this’,

DOM Manipulation, Event Handling, JavaScript





Image of Client Website





















Real Estate Website

This is a website I did for a client. Here I used a WordPress theme and did quite of a bit of SEO copywriting.

I made sure to focus on bringing the images to the forefront to position the client to make more sales.

Skills: WordPress, MySQL, CSS, PHP, SEO Copywriting, Image Editing





 Image of Color Guessing Game App


The Color Guessing Game

The functionality of this app was all about using the fundamentals of JavaScript.

Without using any libraries this project really broke down some of the foundations of the language.

It showed me quite a bit about the DOM, functions, and event listeners.

Skills: JavaScript, CSS, HTML





Image of mobile app website
















Mobile App Website

Here I converted a fun mock website PSD to a functional HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery website.

No frameworks like Bootstrap were used for the responsive design. So I had fun creating the responsiveness from scratch.

And I loved making the iPhone animation.

Skills: Photoshop, Responsive Design, PSD to HTML, jQuery, CSS3, HTML5





Image of client website

























Business Lead Website

This is another website I did for a client. I built it using a WordPress theme and centered the

focus on making it easy for the user to submit their information. The client wanted the site to

generate leads so the site revolves around just that.

Skills: WordPress, MySQL, CSS, PHP, Image Editing