Don’t Learn a Million Programming Languages

Learn one, and understand the logic. At least at first.

When I first started learning programming I used to think that learning the syntax of a couple programming languages was important. Namely JavaScript and PHP. But I came to find that I knew the syntax, but I still couldn’t program. I couldn’t make anything myself. I came to realize that learning syntax is the simple part.

In your first language build things yourself. Building applications yourself will cement the logic in your mind. Start with simple apps.

After you understand the basics of the logic in your first programming language, THEN learn another language if you really want to. Though I would recommend sticking with one for a while. Then you’re really more or less just learning the syntax of the language because you already understand the logic in most programming languages. That is if you picked a common language, not an obscure one that’s different from most.

I’ve also found that sticking to one or a few things is a great confidence boost when learning whole new concepts. It gives you a chance to gain some type of mastery over things and eventually, you start to see over the top of that learning curve.

Love & Peace,