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Strings, Objects and REPL, OH MY! video thumbnail

Strings, Objects, and REPL, Oh My!

  So I thought I’d get going again doing algorithms. I’d start simple and go from there. But alas REPL had other plans for me. I did a couple of algorithms then got to Reverse Integer. This problem to be exact:   “Given an integer, return an integer that is the reverse ordering of numbers.” […]

Diagram of characteristics of visibility: hidden and display: none in CSS.

Visibility: Hidden vs. Display: None

  Someone asked me the difference between visibility: hidden and display: none, so I thought I’d put the explanation I gave them, here as well.   The main difference between visibility: hidden and display: none is the effect they have (or don’t have) on the document layout.   The visibility CSS property itself, can show […]

Execution Context and Hoisting In JavaScript

First Example The code below is some of the code from the Color Guessing Challenge pictured above. Some snippets from the code are great examples of Execution Context (The Creation and Execution Phases) and Hoisting. var gameOver = false; var squares = document.querySelectorAll(‘.square’); var newRandomColors = []; var header = document.querySelector(‘header’); var colorDisplay = document.querySelector(‘#colorDisplay’); […]

Image of JavaScript passing by reference

Pass By Value vs. By Reference In JavaScript

So I’m building a little app in JavaScript and a piece of the code that I thought was simple, didn’t want to cooperate. I proceed to dig into WHY this was happening and came across one of those features of JavaScript that I felt could use a little explanation here. JavaScript values are passed by […]

React.js logo

React.js! Let’s Talk About It…

I first got familiar with the concepts of React.js about 5 months ago. I loved the idea of Single Page Apps and how reactive (pun totally intended) the page elements and application were to the user, without reloading the page. And to have a better understanding of React, I set aside some time to work with […]

Image of chalkboard with counting strikes grouped by fives

Repetition Is the Key

More specifically, repetition trying things yourself. It’s easy to get caught up in doing endless tutorials if your a beginner, but I’ve found that unless you’ve put away the book or video and tried to recreate what the tutorial did without the instructors guidance, then you may not really understand the logic behind many of […]

MongoDB vs MySQL thumbnail image

MongoDB vs. MySQL

First of all I love the flexibility you have with a non-relational database, in terms of being able to have a varying data set. Though it’s great to be able to have a schema for the data so it can still have a predictable structure. With MySQL, the data sets are tabular which is great […]

Template Engines - EJS and Node.js video thumbnail

Template Engines – EJS and Node.js

(video re-post)   Video transcript: Love & Peace! What’s up y’all it’s Danielle, we’re talking about tech, coding, coding tutorials, vlogging, blogging, and self-development books so make sure you Subscribe and Like. And today’s topic is… Template Engines. So I’ve been working with template engines on the backend with Node.js and JavaScript of course. And […]

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